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    Photocatalyst mask

    Product specification:17.5×9.5cm (1 /2 /3 layers)

    Material composition:high quality non-woven fabric + high efficiency filter cloth + high quality non-woven fabric, plastic nose clip, ammonia belt

    Product packaging:50 pieces/box, 2000 pieces/box

    Outer box gauge:52×38×30

    Conventional colors:white, blue, green, pink

    Major function:dust - proof, bacterial filter, anti - static

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    Product characteristics
    - ISO standard factory control and production, with laboratory monitoring

    - high bacterial filtration (BFE) > 99%

    - inside and outside two layers of clean room packaging

    - clean room environment manufacturing

    - high particle filtration (PFE) > 98%

    - ultra-low levels of dander and contamination

    - made of high quality non-woven fabric and high filtration melt-spray non-woven fabric. (multi-layer)
    Scope of application
    - high end purification room (10/100 level) environment

    - TFP/LED/ LCD

    - packaging workshop

    - laboratory

    - daily protection

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