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    Disposable isolation suit

    Product specification:20gsm-35gsm

    Material composition:PP/PP+PE

    Product packaging:1 piece/bag

    Outer box gauge:

    Conventional colors:white, blue and green

    Major function:dust, anti - static, anti - splash, virus and bacteria isolation

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    Product characteristics
    - ISO standard factory control and production, with laboratory monitoring

    - clean room environment manufacturing

    - ultra-low levels of dander and contamination

    - 100% high density polyethylene, free of fillers, adhesives, and silicon.

    - non-toxic, non-irritating, non-harmful

    - threaded knit cuffs

    - ethylene oxide disinfection treatment

    - dustproof and moisture-proof, comfortable and flexible

    - light weight, non-combustion-supporting, easy to decompose

    - rich color, low price, reusable

    - clean room packaging
    Scope of application
    . Electronics, food industry

    . Dust-free workshop

    . Packing workshop

    . Precision instruments, instruments, machinery

    . Pharmaceutical, microbiological engineering

    . Daily protection

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