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When bridal chamber is decorated, what muzzle should choose
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When bridal chamber is decorated, what muzzle should choose

Nowadays, masks have become a necessity in daily life. People need to wear masks when traveling on hazy days, and chemical laboratories also need respirators to protect them. There are many types of masks, activated carbon masks are used in a wide range of masks, activated carbon masks have anti-toxic, deodorization, filtration, dust and other effects.

So the question comes, activated carbon masks can prevent formaldehyde, in fact, activated carbon to formaldehyde protective effect is not obvious, the best way to prevent formaldehyde is not contact objects containing formaldehyde, open the window and keep indoor ventilation, in addition, some of the activated carbon can be put in the home, the air formaldehyde adsorption, these measures will have more effect than wear active carbon mask.

Since activated carbon mask can prevent formaldehyde, then how to prevent formaldehyde? Gas mask can prevent formaldehyde, choose to match the function of anti-formaldehyde filter box, in order to effectively prevent formaldehyde gas.

Formaldehyde belongs to poisonous gas, long-term inhalation of the human body is very harmful, such as cancer. For such a dangerous gas, more advanced protection must be used. Formaldehyde vapor protection is recommended to use a gas mask, do not recommend you to use a mask. If the formaldehyde concentration exceeds the standard is less than 10 times, it is recommended that you choose half mask gas mask with anti-formaldehyde filter box, if exceed the standard in 10 times to 100 times, you can use a full mask gas mask plus anti-formaldehyde filter box.

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