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Why is the color of surgical gown the same
Author:admin Release time:2020-04-07 17:09 Classification:Knowledge
I don't know if you have such a question, why disposable surgical clothes are all green, there is a scientific basis for this,

At first, the doctors in the operating room wore white uniforms. That is, until a doctor sees the problem and turns his eyes from the red blood to the white uniform. Just like in the winter when you see the sunlight reflected from the snow, you will be suddenly knocked out.

In fact, blue and green were adopted by surgeons because they are complementary colors to the internal organs and blood. Because green is the opposite of red. And green can help doctor refresh the impression to red in vision, let the brain is not red desensitization. So, using green and blue as nonwoven coats not only improves the visual acuity of the surgeon. It also allows them to see different shades of red, which helps surgeons focus on the nuances of the human body during surgery and reduces the likelihood of mistakes.

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