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Position wanted:foreign trade salesman

Position requirements
1:College degree or above, cet-4. Major in international trade or English is preferred;
2:Good English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, good communication skills;
3: Have certain experience in foreign trade and be familiar with foreign trade process;
4: can bear hardships and stand hard work, like to accept challenges, with a strong spirit of business research;

Position wanted: foreign trade manager

Position requirements
1、Managed the foreign trade team
2、Familiar with foreign trade process
3、 Able to work continuously for more than two years

Position wanted:production manager

Position requirements
1:Fully responsible for the production and operation of the company;
2:Strictly implement the company's rules and regulations and conscientiously perform their duties;
3:Organized the formulation, inspection, supervision, control and implementation of production, equipment, safety and environmental protection systems;
4:Closely cooperate with the Marketing Department to ensure the performance of the product contract;

Position wanted:sales clerk

Position requirements
1、 Good health and high work enthusiasm
2、 Have certain language skills and communication skills
3、 Have certain practical experience in e-commerce and can travel on business

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