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    One-piece spray film

    Product specification:S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL

    Material composition:pp+ PE

    Product packaging:1 piece /PE bag, 50 pieces/box

    Outer box gauge:

    Conventional colors:white, dark blue

    Major function:

    24-hour hotline


    Product characteristics
    1. Effective protection against the limited spillage of harmful dust, particulate matter and hazardous liquid

    2. The material can be treated with antistatic, which is suitable for electronic and other fields requiring electrostatic control.

    3. Elastic headwear, waist, wrist, ankle design, easy to wear and safe operation.

    4. It can be used together with other individual protection products to improve safety protection performance
    Scope of application
    Medical treatment, dust-free workshop, laboratory, food, chemical industry, construction, manufacturing, light industry clean maintenance and other fields

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