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Treatment of respiratory protective equipment after use
Author:admin Release time:2020-04-07 16:19 Classification:Company profile
The disposal of mask supplies after use is an extremely important task for mask management. Regardless of the time or fatigue level, respirators should be restored to the working readiness state, and the following requirements should be noted:

1. The used cleaning tank must be replaced with absorbent. The cleaning tank can be left uncleaned to avoid accelerated corrosion.

2. Oxygen cylinder refill with oxygen.

3. Clean and disinfect the mask and breathing hose.

4. Clean the housing, but keep water out of the pressure reducer.

5. Any problems existing or found in use should be suggested for repair or careful inspection.

6. When installing each component, carefully check whether the joint washer exists or is damaged.

7. When cleaning each part, strictly prevent collision, avoid damage, resulting in poor air tightness.

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