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What does common labor insurance product classification have
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(1) head protection it is used to protect the head, prevent collision - extrusion damage - material splash - dust and other protective equipment. Mainly FRP - plastic - rubber - glass - tape - cold and bamboo and rattan helmets and dust caps - impact masks.

(2) respiratory protective equipment

It is the important protection of pneumoconiosis and occupational diseases.

(3) eye protection

Used to protect the operator's eyes - face from external damage. It is divided into welding eye protection -- kiln eye protection -- anti-impact eye protection -- microwave protection -- laser protective glasses and anti-x-ray -- anti-chemical -- dust mask and other eye protection.

(4) hearing protection device

Hearing AIDS should be used in long term operation higher than 90dB (A), or in short term use in an environment higher than 115dB (A). Hearing protection has earplugs - earmuffs and helmets.

(5) protective shoes

Used to prevent the current - static - puncture - sniper and other injuries, mainly anti-smashing shoes - insulating shoes - anti-static shoes.

(6) protective gloves

For hand protection, mainly acid and alkali resistant gloves -- electrical insulation set -- welding gloves -- X-ray resistant gloves -- asbestos gloves -- nitrile gloves.

(7) protective clothing

Used to protect workers from the physical-chemical effects of the working environment. There are two types of protective clothing: special protective clothing and general clothing.

(8) prevent falling

Used to prevent falls, mainly safety belts - safety ropes and safety nets.

(9) skin care products

To protect exposed skin, it is divided into creams and detergents.

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