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How to ensure the hygiene of the mask?
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Now, often see a lot of people on the streets wearing masks, why will appear this kind of situation, it turns out that because of bad air quality gradually become the dust and bacteria in the air by respiratory tract will bring the body is unwell, in order to solve this kind of situation, people often choose to wear masks in out again to go out, so for us to keep the mask clean degree is also a way to ensure our health, now by surgical masks manufacturers to introduce particular way.

When we wear masks, masks directly with our mouth, nasal contact, so it is particularly important to maintain the hygiene of masks. When wearing a mask, please note:

1. The front and back sides of the mask cannot be used alternately. By doing so, the dirt contaminated with the outer layer of the mask will be inhaled into the human body when it is directly pressed against the face and become an indirect source of infection.

2, when not wearing a mask, should fold the mask into a clean envelope, and will be close to the face of the mouth and nose in the fold, do not just put it in a pocket or hanging around the neck.

3, after wearing the mask, if the mask has been exhaled heat or saliva wet, its blocking bacteria will be greatly reduced. So, in daily production, it is best to have a few more masks, in order to replace the use.

4. The used mask should be washed once a day. When washing, should first use boiling water irons 5 minutes, reoccupy soap to rub wash, after clear water is washed, hang in the sun below insolate.

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